About Sound Bunker - Silent Pool Pump Covers

We Value the Convenience of Every Pool Owner

Our Story

With a deep understanding of the pool industry, we witnessed a growing need for affordable and easy-to-install pool pump covers.

As many pool owners continue to be challenged in finding a solution that provides both convenience and functionality, it fueled our passion to develop a reliable pool pump cover that meets regulatory requirements. 

After spending years of research and development, Fort Knox and Burlington emerged as the epitome of our innovation. These products would eventually capture the essence of meticulously enclosed pool pumps with soundproofing capabilities.

Our covers were specifically tailored to fulfill compliance guidelines for new pool installations. By focusing on this “pool pump only” requirement, we offered a precise solution that addressed the industry’s needs.

Our journey, however, did not stop there.

As a company deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, we sought ways to provide eco-friendly options for our valued clients. Thus, we introduced ECODefend and Chemical Storage Box as part of our diversified product line, which are both made from recycled plastic. Even at the end of their current use, these products can be melted and upcycled to a renewed purpose. We are proud to say that all our products are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes, carefully packed with eco-friendly biofill.

Today, our pool pump covers earned the trust and satisfaction of countless customers across Australia (and now globally). Our goal of providing plenty of options for affordable and easy-to-install pool pump covers has been successfully achieved.

With SoundBunker, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your pool equipment is protected, compliant, and easily accessible. Together, let’s dive into a world of excellence and convenience.