10 Reasons Why You May Have A Noisy Pool Pump

10 Reasons Why You May Have A Noisy Pool Pump - Sound Bunker AU

Have you ever found yourself lounging by the pool, only to be interrupted by the annoying hums and rattlefrom the pool pump? We know the struggle. That’s why we’re here to give you an answer if you’re wondering what causes your pool pump to create noise.

  1. Your pump is not getting enough water. A pump without enough water can result in overheating. Always ensure a water flow by checking and clearing the pump baskets of any debris.
  2. Your basket might be full. Check your baskets and ensure they are clear of debris to allow a steady stream of water.
  3. The weir door to the skimmer is jammed and not allowing enough water flow to the pump.
  4. If your pump is drawing air through its basket lid, it might be time to replace the O ring. A simple fix that can make a huge difference in the serenity of your pool area.
  5. Water level in the pool is low. Keep it at least halfway up the skimmer box to prevent your pump from going on a water hunt.
  6. There could be an obstruction in the pump or impeller. Unplug that power and embark on a journey of pump exploration.
  7. The bearings in your pump may have worn beyond repair. While replacement bearings are an option, entrust the duty to pool professionals for a smooth, noise-free revival.
  8. If all these things check out and you are still having issues, it may be that your filter is not allowing enough water through. Give it some love – a clean or a replacement might be the remedy for a smooth pump performance.
  9. It might be the wear and tear due to age. With constant daily performances, it's natural for wear and tear to join the band. Like an aging rockstar, your pump might just be longing for a little attention.
  10. Pumps are just noisy. Let's face it – some pumps are crafted to be heard. Since pumps are made to a price point, reducing their noise might require a blend of engineering, cost, and size considerations.

Regardless of the noise origins, we at Sound Bunker pondered the question: How can we bring tranquility back to your poolside retreat? Check out our range of soundproof pool pump covers that have been acoustically engineered and are made from high quality materials right here in Australia.

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