Choosing the Perfect Pool Pump and Equipment Cover

Choosing the Perfect Pool Pump and Equipment Cover

Assuming you have already arrived at the decision to cover your pool pump or equipment, here are the six key considerations that will not only make your life easier but might even turn your pool area into a peaceful haven.

  1. Are you covering all your equipment or just the noisy pool pump? 
    Well,  it ultimately boils down to noise reduction, protection from the elements, aesthetics, and, of course, budget. If noise reduction is your main goal, focus on the pump. While shielding your equipment from the elements might extend its life a tad, the reality is, other factors will likely decide its fate before the elements do. And let's be real, no cover is winning an aesthetic competition, so is it really worth spendingtime looking for an eye-pleasing build. In terms of the budget, we’ll tackle it in the latter part.

  2. Acoustic qualities or mere disguise? 
    Simply putting a cover on your pump won't make it silent. Some materials, like wood, naturally absorb noise, but they are high-maintenance. Opting for something designed to reduce noise will save you from disappointment. Say goodbye to headaches, quite literally.

  3. Form vs. Function -
    Can it be both? You want it to function how it’s supposed to be, but wouldn't it be nice if it looked good too? Let’s face it, a cover won't transform your backyard into a magazine cover. But we get it; we're trying to capture that seemingly elusive balance at Sound Bunker. Sure, there are Insta-worthy covers crafted by talented carpenters or landscapers, but often, they forget the end user who has to gain access and maintain the equipment. Decide if you're up for shelling out a hefty sum or prefer a ready-made cover that's practical and easy on the eyes (and ears).

  4. Environmentally friendly - Do you care? 
    Did you know that you can install a pool pump cover or pool equipment enclosure and still care for the environment? Most covers out there (yes, even the DIY ones) guzzle up our natural resources. Luckily, there is a game-changer in the market, a cover made from recycled plastic, certified to hush things up, and non-conductive - ever thought about the dangers of placing electrical gear in a metal box amidst wind and rain? Now you have.

  5. Material matters, so choose wisely - 
    Wood's versatile, but it's pricey and demands a craftsman's touch and requires ongoing care. Steel will rust over time, while aluminum holds its own. On the other hand, plastic deteriorates, but at least it won't wreak havoc on your gear. Plastic also moonlights as a noise absorber, refusing to transmit those annoying sounds.

  6. Budget, budget, budget… 
    Achieving good acoustic or sound reduction doesn't come cheap. Proper acoustic insulation costs money, and if you're eyeing certification, an acoustic engineer's nod is crucial, which a cover from the local hardware store will not have. Having said that, covering just the pump is a wallet-friendly compromise compared to turning your entire equipment setup into a noise-proof fortress.

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