Do pool pump covers work?

Do pool pump covers work?

Do pool pump covers work?

The simple answer here is "yes" …. provided you purchase one that has proven that it works!

There are many ways to cover your pool pump and the best way is going to come down to what you are hoping to achieve.

We will assume we are looking to reduce the noise the pool pump makes when it is running as well as protect the pump from the elements.

Let’s get a few things straight

Before we get started, let's get something straight - in a pool pump, chlorinator and filter set up (which makes up 95% of all backyard swimming pools), the only noise emitting device is the pool pump (although some certifiers out there clearly have not owned a pool to know this)

The other definition we need to get straight is what does "work" mean in the statement "Do pool pump covers work?"

Putting up some sheets or slats of aluminium around your pool pump may reduce the noise emitted from your pool pump (possibly at best), I don't think it would be sufficient to meet most people’s definition of “adequate”. The other option may be timber. Timber has some good sound absorbing characteristics; however, it is not a solution by itself.

To define "work" we therefore assume this to mean that it allows your pump (and therefore pool equipment) to meet the legislated requirements around pool pump noise requirements in each state - yes, there is legislation on this in most states.

Is it too early to mention Fort Knox by Sound Bunker?

What things do you need to consider?

Will the pool pump cover reduce the noise emitted from the pump? In order for it to meet the typical 50dBA maximum or 5dBA above background legislated noise requirements, the pool pump enclosure will need to have some sort of proof of its sound absorbing/proofing properties to be able to show the authorities. This proof would be in the format of an acoustic engineers report. Please find our acoustic report <here>

Another important factor to consider is ensuring adequate airflow for the pump. When the pump runs, it generates heat and relies on the flow of air over the rear of the pump to keep itself from overheating. Most enclosures don’t focus on this or have the air vents nowhere near where it is needed.

Is it made from material that will stand up to the harsh elements such as wind, rain and sun – especially in Australia?

Will it require ongoing maintenance such as a timber structure, which will need sanding, repainting/staining?

Cost – does it require a small loan to purchase?

Will it be easy to install or do you need a crew of people and specific foundations and specially poured concrete slabs or posts set in concrete

What are your options?

If you do a search on Google for a pool pump cover or pool pump enclosure, you will be inundated by “options” to consider however, if you apply the above considerations, you can quickly whittle this down to 2 – OK, I am being generous, there is only one option.

As it so happens, our very own pool pump cover/s (Burlington or the complete pool pump enclosure Fort Knox) ticks all these boxes – let me show you how:

  1. You are not paying for a pool pump enclosure that covers all your equipment when it is only the pump that needs to be covered, to meet the required legislation.
  2. It was designed by a pool builder in Australia for the unique Australian conditions and to meet legislative requirements.
  3. It reduces noise by up to 90% when you combine Fort Knox with a variable speed pump
  4. We have used one of Australia’s staple products being Colorbond that is the leading material used in roofing. It is designed to cope with the harsh Australian elements.
  5. We also use superior acoustic foam and mesh from the marine industry, which is therefore not only water repellent but also fire resistant!
  6. Easy to install by one person with an impact driver taking 3 minutes to complete.

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