Does your pool pump need an acoustically engineered cover?

Does your pool pump need an acoustically engineered cover?

Your typical pool pump will emit noise/sound anywhere between 55 - 75dBA when it is new. This range depends on the brand, type of pump and whether it is variable speed or single speed. As your pump ages and the bearings start to go, the pump will make more noise.

Something we are hearing more and more from our customers in the last 12 months at Sound Bunker is the growing demand from customers needing to "comply with local council requirements" to have a pool pump enclosure.

This initially started mainly in NSW however, we now regularly also hear the same from the other states. We therefore did a little research on the topic and there is legislation in place in most states that limits the amount of noise your pump (which is the only source of noise) can make. This legislation varies by state, however, requires the pump to make no more than 50dBA or 5dBA above background noise.

What does all of this mean to you?

Now that we know this, let's circle back to our opening paragraph... there is currently no pool pump on the market that complies with these requirements on its own without some further intervention.

There is a limited supply of products on the market that can provide any real noise reduction capabilities and even fewer that have an engineer’s report to support the claims (such as Fort Knox from Sound Bunker) - which is what councils will require.


If you are looking to comply with local authority requirements or want to reduce the sound your pool pump emits, then you do need an acoustically engineered pool pump cover or enclosure.

If you are looking to achieve even better results, pairing our Fort Knox acoustically engineered pool pump cover with a variable or multi speed pump will reduce the noise by up to 90%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cover pool pump to reduce noise?

Yes, however, an acoustically engineered pool pump cover will do a much better job and is what the legislation requires.

How do I quiet a noisy pool pump?

First you need to understand where the noise is coming from. You can reduce the vibration of your pool pump by maintaining it (a whole other topic) if the noise of your pump is just generally the pool pump, try using a pool pump cover or pool pump enclosure that has been purpose built to deal with the noise created by your pool pump

How do I stop my neighbours pool pump from making noise?

  1. Talk to them - perhaps they can run the equipment during the day instead of at night.
  2. Suggest soundproofing materials such as acoustically engineered pool pump covers or pool pump enclosures
  3. If the pump is making excessive noise - Replace the pump

Should I cover my outdoor pool equipment?

Your equipment is designed to be outdoors however, most states in Australia have legislation in place that states you have to cover your equipment to reduce noise. A lot of people try hiding their equipment however, this is no longer enough for many councils and certifiers as the pool pump needs to be housed in a sound proofed enclosure such as an acoustically engineered pool pump cover or pool pump enclosure.