Environmental Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Pool Pump Cover

Environmental Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Pool Pump Cover

Choosing the perfect pool pump cover for your system is about more than just the aesthetics. 

It's a journey filled with plenty of decisions to make, and one of the critical aspects to weigh in is the environmental factors you have to consider.

The environment in which your pool pump cover resides can greatly impact its performance and lifespan. Therefore, it is important to explore the factors that can make or break your pool pump cover choice.

High Traffic Areas

Imagine your pool pump cover living in a space where your family frequently ventures. In such cases, durability should be your top priority. Common pool pump covers, often fashioned from powder-coated steel like Colorbond, may seem sturdy, but they come with a catch. A little scratch on that protective coating can spell doom, allowing rust to take hold and compromise the product's integrity. If your cover's area is a central hub of activity, you might want to steer clear of such options.

Out In The Elements

Australia’s climate can be harsh. While most pool pump covers are built to withstand the elements, it’s crucial to note that not all are exactly the same. Take timber pool pump enclosures as an example. Despite their eye-pleasing aesthetics, they tend to struggle with nature's unforgiving conditions. The porous nature of timber makes it susceptible to water absorption, leading to rot over time. Sunlight can wreak havoc too, causing the wood to split. Regular maintenance like oiling or staining becomes a necessity, or else the cover's performance will plummet, and its lifespan will inevitably be short.

Exposure to Salty Air

If you're lucky enough to be living by the coast, you're blessed with those soothing ocean breezes. However, they come with a mix of salt-laden air. Over time, this salt accumulates on your pool pump cover. In coastal regions, it's crucial to be meticulous about the materials used in your pool pump cover. Steer clear of powder-coated steel covers as even the tiniest scratch in the powder coat can invite moisture and salt, leading to quick deterioration. When living by the beach, consider alternatives to steel for a longer-lasting solution.


It’s simple, we have the Sound Bunker EcoDefend Pool Pump Cover! Made from recycled HDPE plastic, it's not only environmentally friendly but also scratch-proof and non-porous. You won't have to worry about rust or corrosion either.

Another fantastic option to consider is our new Fort Knox, crafted from industrial-grade powder-coated aluminum. It's not just durable; it's rust-resistant.

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