Keep your neighbours happy!

Fort Knox Pool Cover and Blast Door

Recently we were approached by a prospective client who had just installed a new pool. By all accounts the pool installation process went well, however, it was what came after, that became an issue…

His pool pump and equipment had been installed in a location away from his home, at the rear of the property. Not realising, however, but his family’s dream pool had inadvertently become a bone of contention for his neighbour. The problem being the noise emitted from the pool pump was travelling directly into two of his neighbours’ bedrooms.

What to do???

One option was to relocate the pool equipment, which meant digging up all the pool plumbing and relaying new plumbing, to a new location. This was not a viable option for a number of reasons but none more so than his landscaping had been completed and what happens to the Warranty on the Pool’s hydraulics. Not to mention the Cost!

This is where we come in!  A simple DIY solution.  He purchased Sound Bunker’s Fort Knox pool pump cover, he had the cover assembled in a matter of minutes and installed around his pump in no time at all. A quick, easy and effective solution.

Here is a video of before and after a Fort Knox was installed.

... and just for a something a little quirky here is a Surfmist Blast Door over the Sound Bunker Offices' coffee machine: Video Here.