Pool Pump Cover Tips and Tricks

Pool Pump Cover Tips and Tricks

Is your pool pump noisy and sometimes even disrupts your daily peace? Or maybe you just need to comply with certification requirements? Worry less, because if you’re nodding along, chances are you’re not alone. We’ve got you some awesome tips and tricks on why and how covering your pool pump is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

  1. A weather resistant pool pump is your best protection

    Your pool pump is a trooper, but it needs a shield. Sun, wind, and rain can be unforgiving, so choose a cover that stands tall against the elements. Wood craves constant attention, steel rusts (even if it’s coated or galvanized). 

    Here goes the aluminum; it does not rust yet it might corrode a bit. Nonetheless, it’s a very durable and reliable option. And plastic? It will eventually deteriorate but it also creates a noise-free pool side experience, absorbing those pesky sounds without transmitting them.

  2. Noise reduction is your ally - 

    A quieter pump doesn't just mean you can sip your poolside cocktail in peace; it keeps the neighbors in their happy place too. And if you’re thinking about complying with certification of new pool builds, it’s a non-negotiable. 

    Not all pool pump covers are created equal  in terms of noise-reduction abilities, and reading our blog "What Pool Pump and Equipment Cover is right for you?" will help you pick the cover that suits your vibe.

  3. The art of choosing - 

    Your pool pump needs to breathe and it's not a fan of suffocation. So, make sure to use a cover that has been designed to optimize noise reduction whilst striking a balance with allowing airflow. 

    Materials, to say the least, also matter. Galvanized steel won’t rust unless scratched (watch out for that lawnmower!), and plastic, a new-age hero, won’t block your device signals. No more lost Wi-Fi or bluetooth connections, too! Your gadgets will surely thank you (not quite literally, though).

  4. Measure twice and buy only once - 

    Before making your purchase, make sure that your pool pump cover is a snug fit. Plumbing can be tricky, and a cover that doesn’t fit is like a swimsuit two sizes too small – uncomfortable. Don’t despair though, as most pool shops will happily re-plumb so that it does fit. If you are building a new pool or getting a new pump installed, this is your golden opportunity to install a pool pump cover. Have it onsite so they can work it into the layout.

  5. Look for products with easy installation - 
    No one needs a cover that requires three people with octopus arms and an engineering degree to install. That's just absurd. Find those gems that promise easy installation; they're out there, waiting to make your life simpler.

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