5 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Pool Pumps Noise On a New Pool Installation

5 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Pool Pumps Noise On a New Pool Installation - Sound Bunker AU

We’ve got you the inside scoop on how to keep your pool pump noise in check when installing a new pool. Say goodbye to disruptions and embrace the relaxation with these five easy steps.

1. Find the Right Pump Location

Ever noticed your pool pump noise echoing off your fence and house? If so, it’s best to move your pump away from solid surfaces to prevent noise amplification. Finding the right location can make all the difference in creating a tranquil pool environment.

2. Optimized Plumbing   

Keep the distance between your pool and pump to a minimum and minimize those pipe bends. Using 50mm plumbing on both sides of the pump reduces workload and noise.

3. Variable Speed Pumps

Bring your pool pump experience to a whole new level with variable speed pumps. These silent heroes can run at lower speeds, greatly reducing overall noise levels. Plus, they're eco-friendly and can save you a hefty amount on your electricity bill.

4. Ongoing Pool Maintenance

Your pool pump, much like anything else, needs a little love. Regular maintenance by professionals can prevent noise escalation. Also, do not forget to empty that pump basket! A little care goes a long way in maintaining a peaceful poolside ambiance.

5. Acoustic Pool Pump Enclosure

Saving the best for last—introducing to you the soundproof pool pump enclosure. This isn't just an item; it's a noise-canceling wizard. Choose a product crafted from top-tier materials, acoustically tested, and backed by an acoustic report. Ensure your pool builder provides you the necessary space around the pump for installation, with no plumbing adjustments required.


About Sound Bunker's Pool Pump Covers

Wanna turn your pool area into the ultimate relaxation spot? Invest in a Sound Bunker pool pump cover and make your place a noise-free haven. Whether you're taking a dip, hosting friends, or lounging by the pool, Sound Bunker ensures your experience is undisturbed. Get in touch with us today!