Should a Pool Pump Be Covered?

Should a Pool Pump Be Covered?

Should a Pool Pump Be Covered?

The simple answer here is "no", your equipment does not "need" a pool pump cover or pool pump enclosure.

All your equipment is designed to be able to withstand the elements such as sun, wind, rain etc. This isn't so much a design feature as it is a by-product of the harsh environment of which it forms part of - the pool water. To keep your pool water balanced a range of chemicals are employed, some of which are particularly corrosive, for example salt, chlorine and acid and your equipment is designed to cope with these.

However, whilst all of that is trying to eat its way out of the equipment, the sun, wind and rain all try their best to do their bit to shorten the life of the outside of your equipment. The sun here in Australia is especially strong and speeds up the deterioration of plastics and metals.

So, let's explore this a bit further - on the one hand, (apart from aesthetics - a different topic), your pool equipment doesn't "need" to be covered however, it is certainly advisable to do so to maximise the life of your equipment.

What are some other considerations?

Another major factor you need to consider whether to use a pool pump cover or pool pump enclosure or not, is the noise it makes and the impact that this will have on both you, but particularly your neighbours - don't forget, they don't get the joy from your pool that you do to put up with the noise!

At Sound Bunker, two of the major reasons we find people want to cover their equipment is if your pool equipment is located where everyone can see it, or to reduce the noise it makes.

Let's face it, no matter how you cover your equipment, it will still look like a big box - you are better off relocating it to where you can't see it! Anyhow, let's get back to the topic...

Do you have to cover your pool pump?

A little-known fact is that there is actually legislation in place in most states that limits the amount of noise your pump can make (which is the only source of noise). This legislation varies by state however, generally requires the pump to make no more than 50dBA or 5dBA above background noise. There is no pump on the market that achieves this on its own, even variable speed pumps!

So, if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet and/or need to comply with the growing council or authority requirements, yes, you do need a pool pump cover or a pool pump enclosure that has been engineered to reduce the noise the pump emits – just like our very own Fort Knox!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cover pool pump to reduce noise?

Yes, however, an acoustically engineered pool pump cover will do a much better job and is what the legislation requires.

How do I quiet a noisy pool pump?

First you need to understand where the noise is coming from. You can reduce the vibration of your pool pump by maintaining it (a whole other topic) if the noise of your pump is just generally the pool pump, try using a pool pump cover or pool pump enclosure that has been purpose built to deal with the noise created by your pool pump

How do I stop my neighbours pool pump from making noise?

  1. Talk to them - perhaps they can run the equipment during the day instead of at night.
  2. Suggest soundproofing materials such as acoustically engineered pool pump covers or pool pump enclosures
  3. If the pump is making excessive noise - Replace the pump

Should I cover my outdoor pool equipment?

Your equipment is designed to be outdoors however, most states in Australia have legislation in place that states you have to cover your equipment to reduce noise. A lot of people try hiding their equipment however, this is no longer enough for many councils and certifiers as the pool pump needs to be housed in a sound proofed enclosure such as an acoustically engineered pool pump cover or pool pump enclosure.