5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pool Pump Cover

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pool Pump Cover

Have you searched through internet for a pool pump cover that ticks all the boxes? You are not alone.

Deciding on an economical pool pump cover takes some consideration, and we are here to share some relevant points in this article to help you on your journey;

1. Will the pool pump cover comply to local regulations? 

There are varying regulations in each state, however all pool pumps require some type of acoustic insulation for compliance and for the issuance of a final pool occupation certificate. The requirements only pertain to the covering on the POOL PUMP. They do not concern the entire filtration system. To that end, it is important you request a relevant (and more importantly) a recent acoustic report on any pump cover you are considering.

Please follow our handy link to see an example of a required acoustic report.

2. How easy is the pump cover to install?

Many pool pump covers are cumbersome and heavy. They require a lot of ground preparation and at a minimum two people to assemble. These typical pool pump covers are not ideally suited to residential pools, unless you are very handy and have time to burn.

Check out this Sound Bunker video to see what an "easy to install" pool pump c cover looks like. 

3. Is the pool pump cover cost-effective?

Browsing Google Ads would make you aware of the wildly differing pool pump cover prices in Australia. Cover prices may fluctuate significantly between low priced barely adequate makeshift products like the cheap garden shed at the lower end of the scale to expensive, specifically designed large pool pump enclosures. Realistically, for anything decent that will reduce pool pump noise noticeably, you're looking at spending around the $1000 mark for a quality pool pump cover.

4. Will the pool pump cover be durable?

As a general rule pool pumps are outdoor and subject to the whims of Australia's sometimes spectacular weather. We'd therefore recommend steering away from materials such as timber as these will inevitably rot. PVC built pool pump covers aren't much better, as they will eventually crack and disintegrate given enough time exposed to Australia's harsh sun.

One of the latest pool pump covers to enter the Aussie marketplace is built from aluminium to, we'd assume, compete with covers made from Colorbond®. Although  aluminium may prove slightly cheaper, it won't compete long-term with the strength and durability of Colorbond® built pool pump covers. So, we'd recommend the latter. It's best to stick with a proven material.

5. Is the pool pump cover aesthetically pleasing?

This one can be a little tricky to answer as what we like you may find appealing… Our suggestion here would be to make sure you have a pool pump cover that adequately covers your pool pump and, most importantly, minimises noise. If you can neutralise the pool pump's noise, you'll have accomplished the cover's purpose and adding screening or an additional cosmetic cover that matches your pool's surrounds can be done with minimal investment!

So what product can offer you all of the above? The Sound Bunker of course!

Designed and built in Australia, the Sound Bunker is made from Colorbond®, it is acoustically-rated, takes 3 minutes to install, and its minimalist clean finish won't clash with your décor!

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